Enex for People

The Collaborative Credit or Envire Exchange (Enex) Creditis a complementary money designed to sustain a “healthy” income for as many people on the Planet as possible.

You are eligible to issue Enex Credits when working for Nonprofit initiatives in the Social Sector. If you work in the Commercial sector for a company accepting Enex you may receive Collaborative Credits in addition to your wages. You can also create Enex Credits when donating to a Project or Cause of your choice.

You will use Enex Credits within the iEnvire Marketplace to get great deals.

Balanced consumption and Enex integrity will be achieved through Direct Democracy. This is one way to sustain the Economy and the Planet.

Enex for Businesses

The Collaborative Credit or Envire Exchange (Enex) Credit is designed to give businesses a steady flow of customers. Accepting Enex allows you to tap into a growing market of conscious customers. You can use collaborative credits to reward employees.

Balanced consumption and Enex integrity will be achieved through Direct Democracy. This is one way to sustain the Economy and the Planet.

Enex for Non-Profits

The Collaborative Credit or Envire Exchange (Enex) Credit stimulates collaboration and development of the Social sector. It encourages people to engage in projects for the greater good.

Only input to nonprofit initiatives in the social sector create this currency. It is backed by everyone‚s time, skills and other contributed resources.

Balanced consumption and Enex integrity will be achieved through Direct Democracy. This is one way to sustain the Economy and the Planet.

Enex and Direct Democracy

The Collaborative Credit or Envire Exchange (Enex) Credit achieves maximum integrity when applied under the condition of Direct Democracy. Enex will work In other management frameworks as well. However, Direct Democracy ensures the concept will not be abused by wrong personal decisions.

Collaborative Money Explained!

So, how is this money issued?

The Collaborative Money is backed by people’s measured input to society

  • Every Dollar you
    to a Project or a Cause
    Creates One Collaboration Credit $1 = 1cc
  • Your skills count too!
    If you are now working
    for the
    Social Sector for $15/h
    You may add another 15cc
  • Donating other
    Creates Collaborative Units
    Equivalent to their production cost

But wait! What determines exactly how much Collaborative Credits I can add to my pay check?

Good question! The amount people receive in Collaborative Credits depends on what is the estimate amount of money they need to cover basic qualities of Life such as food, shelter, electricity, internet, housing, recreation and others to be determined by the methods of Direct Democracy for the time and place being. For example: an estimate for Bulgaria shows that 1400 BGN are needed for one person to cover his/her needs for a month. Most people working in the Social Sector in Bulgaria receive salaries around 500 BGN. The difference of 900 BGN will be paid in Collaborative Credits. In addition to the Base needed to cover decent Life quality, Collaborative Credits will be added for education, experience, importance, quality of work done and others decided by the methods of Direct Democracy; every three months the total amount will be self-adjusted for inflation.

This is my next question - if Collaborative Currency is constantly issued for every need of the Social Sector this leads to constant increase in money supply and income. So what about increased spending and inflation?

EXACTLY! Constant is the key! Each trimester the increase in money supply along with other Economic factors will be measured. Salaries received in Collaborative Credits will be self-adjusted for inflation according to a generally accepted formula!

Still not sure how is this money different? How does it promote collaboration?

Standard money is created and distributed to people in advance. This is why the interest rate is needed - it regulates inflation and also limits the money supply and thus promote competition. On the other hand, Collaboration Money is created after a defined input to society has already been made. This means that the Social Sector no longer has to compete for standard money. Instead, institutions and organizations can now start collaborating and creating together.

Sounds good! But where can I spend these Collaborative Credits???

Businesses are free to accept Collaborative Credits as a complementary form of payment:

  • Before:One shirt costs $20
  • Now:One shirt costs $10 and 10cc

Each Business is free to choose the percentage Collaborative Credits it accepts for the products and service offered.

Why would Businesses do that? What use do they have of the Collaborative Credits??

Collaborative Credits bring more sales from existing customers and attract new ones. Businesses can use Collaborative Credits to:

  • Pay bonuses
    to their employees
    Pay part of slaries/wages in
    Collaborative Credits
  • Pay for B2B
    Transactions to other
    Businesses participiating
    in the Collaborative
  • Connect with
    International suppliers
    and customers
    working with the
    Collaborative Credits

I am still not sure, however,
how this money goes global if
you first implement it in Bulgaria?

Simultaneously we offer the Collaborative Currency to local businesses around the world! There will be of course an online marketplace connecting them all!

Oh wait a second!
What can I buy with one Collaborative
Credit? What is its value?

One Collaborative Credit equals one US Dollar

1cc = $1

For other currencies we use their dollar exchange rate for a fixed date. For example: if 1 Euro equals USD 1.3 today, we take this rate and fix it together. All the Collaborative Credits you create in Europe will have the same purchasing power everywhere.

Sounds Exciting! One more question though! What about people who no longer work or are currently disabled?

Thank you for this question! We suggest to people and Businesses that use Collaborative Credits to give back a % of their earnings to the Collaborative Fund for retired people and other needy groups of our society. After all we care for these people and sooner or later we will all retire. It will be nice to know that someone always cares!

View Progress

Enex fundraising

We are making progress towards building an intuitive project management and collaboration platform with key tools for open collaboration and decision making. It will be free and everyone will benefit! It will allow you to set up projects, fundraise, connect with professionals and organizations, collaborate, create! It will enable you to easily register, track and manage volunteer work and donations. It will give you a chance to address important organizational/brand/product issues directly to involved people by open discussions and voting. Enex wallet software will be embedded into your organization profile, as well as into each of your employees personal profiles. It will automatically issue Enex Credits for contributions to your organization and your projects. At the same time it will provide businesses with a system to process complementary payments with Enex Credits online and offline.

These and many more useful and intuitive tools are about to be created. Exact terms will be defined by network-wide direct decision making.

By donating to myEnex you help all of its exciting features to be brought to you sooner and with detailed perfection. The amount we raise will be used for coding, maintenance, administration, marketing and anything else that will allow us to achieve our goals. We always do our best.

All contributors will be awarded Enex Credits for their kind donations when we launch the platform.

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